About Us

Tees on Tees is an Australian based T-shirt, graphic design and printing business. 

Our principles are simple:
  • Use Quality Tees
  • Use a proven and long established digital and screen printer (over 15 yrs)
  • Create a Tee line that is themed around a common scientifically proven theme
  • Continuously create new and exciting Tees
The secret of the T-shirt that could attract:
Simple white short-sleeved T-shirt with a large letter T can make a man 12% more attractive. The top creates an illusion of a V-shaped, masculine body.
The Tees on Tees Collections is taking a simple scientific study to the max.  We have had some fun and created 6 different collections all around Tees on Tees – simple yet effective.
With over 1800 words to fuel imagery, Tees on Tees has an endless design canvas.  Perhaps you have some ideas too?  We would love to hear from you.
The business is supported by Ian our designer and printer, Big Baz in sales and marketing and two dedicated families to support the Web-site, on-line ordering and customer contact.  
Our recent appointment of a USA distributor means that freight costs for both Australia and the USA are now extremely affordable, and delivery is guaranteed within 7 days.